Artist, Actor, & Author Brandon Garic Notch
Memento Mori by Alexander Mair (1605)
Actor, Storyteller, Artist, Tattooist, and Writer Brandon Garic Notch
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Brandon Garic Notch

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If you are not an existing client contact me before trying to book.

  • $100.00 deposit is required to lock in a time & date. The deposit will be minus from the tattoo session.
  • I currently am no longer taking on smaller work.
  • I'm only taking on large work like sleeves, back pieces, etc. I will do a sitting of 3 hours for $340.00, and an all day sitting of 5 hours or $500.00. Anything over the 5 hours of tattoo time will be $120.00 an hour there after.
  • To set up a consultation please email me.
  • I do not take appointments over the phone. As I will require a consultation before hand with a minimum of a $100.00 deposit to book a time & date.
? Please send the image or artwork with this form if you would like to get a quote. Email me direct if sending multiple images. You will find the Email link on the bottom & top of the page.
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File should not be larger than 20MB
? This is how I will reach you.
Please double check your email address for typos. I want to be able to contact you back :)
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  • The submission of this form does not guarantee you a booking without contact & deposit. Check out the shop rules page for more information.
Top notch tattooing by Brandon Notch
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