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Tattoo Hourly Rate
Actor, Storyteller, Artist, Tattooist, and Writer Brandon Garic Notch
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Brandon Garic Notch

Tattoo hourly rate is as follows:

  • My hourly rate is $120.00 an hour.

  • $100.00 deposit is required to lock in a time and date. The deposit will be minus from the tattoo session.
  • I currently am no longer taking on smaller work.
  • I'm only taking on large work like sleeves, back pieces, etc. I will do a sitting of 3 hours for $340.00, and an all day sitting of 5 hours or $500.00. Anything over the 5 hours of tattoo time will be $120.00 an hour there after.
  • To set up a consultation please email me.
  • I do not take appointments over the phone. As I will require a consultation before hand with a minimum of a $100.00 deposit to book a time and date.

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Brandon G Notch.

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Brandon Garic Notch

- No children under 18 allowed in the studio; NO EXCEPTIONS.

- Dress appropriately and have good hygiene.

- You must be 18 years old with a valid state issued photo ID to be tattooed.

- Apple Pay, Cash, Venmo or Paypal - "No Checks" 

- Appointments ONLY! If you can't make your appointment, just 
email and I'll reschedule. 

- CANCELLATIONS WITHOUT NOTICE WILL FORFEIT YOUR DEPOSIT. Don't show, don't call and you're at the back of the line also forfeiting your deposit.

- Only one guest per client may be present during a tattoo.

- All work is at the sole discretion of the artist. 

- I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

- Good tattoos take time, so be realistic about what you're getting. This isn't a TV show, tattoos don't get done in 30 minutes with commercials.

- Follow the care instructions provided to you by your artist. Don't listen to a friend of a friend who has a friend that got a tattoo ones. Our care instructions work that's why we use them.

- I DO NOT sell tattoo ink, equipment, or piercing needles to the general public. PLEASE DON'T ASK.

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Brandon Garic Notch, tattoos for the serious collector.