Tattoo Artist, Actor, & Author Brandon Garic Notch
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Tattoo Artist, Actor, Storyteller, & Writer Brandon Garic Notch
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Don't Be Fooled By Bullshit

Don't be fooled by bullshit.
It takes many long hours of hard work to perfect the art of tattooing. Don't be fooled by idiots who promise you great work at a cheap price. They have to clear away the kitchen counter of dirty dishes so "they'll have room to work". If they were really any good they would be working in a studio and not hiding in their kitchens. Think about it! The way I see it is you have two choices.
  • Have your tattoo done by an accomplished artist that will give you a good tattoo to begin with. Or…
  • You can pay an accomplished artist a lot more to fix the piece of shit, messed up, crappy thing you got from a scratcher…
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